Who Sally is…

Sally is a Certified ICF Coach, Clarity Catalyst Coach, & Transformational Trainer. She has been dedicated to personal and business development trainings and ontological coaching practices.

Sally supports business women and companies to enhance their lives and their workplace cultures through up-growth and transformational coaching and trainings. In consequence, creating a cultural evolution in the workplace as well as within communities. This will transfer to exceeding company’s returns as well as creating empowering business leaders, families, individuals, communities, cities, and countries.

Her ultimate goal starts with guiding people on how to live at their top most potential.

Make a great life for yourself

Sally Says…

After breaking free from putting my dreams aside, and years of living with the feeling that there was something missing in my life, I said yes to the great desire of supporting and motivating women in making a great life for themselves. The day I said yes, my life started changing. It has taken a lot of spiritual and personal work and over 20 years of experience in the Commercial Financial field. I continue to working on growing myself, so I can contribute in a great deal to the empowerment of women in business.

Create a happiness movement

Her Mission…

My mission in life it to create a happiness movement and take it everywhere. I envision the day where happiness is taught in schools, and children get coping skills to manage stress and anxiety, understand their life’s purpose, and have the tools to get that they matter. I’ve always thought that it would be so much easier if we taught kids how to love themselves and believe in themselves from an early age. I have gone through the pain of feeling disconnected and lonely as I grew up, and I do not want kids to go through that. I am committed to the happiness and the enhancement of every human being.

Degrees & Certifications

Her Accolades…

Sally is a single mother of two, Author, Speaker, entrepreneur, go getter, relentless seeker and learner of personal and business development at all levels.

She has a Masters in International Business, a BA in Business and is a bilingual and multicultural professional. She currently is pursuing a Masters degree in Holistic Psychology and she has several certifications from renowned international federations in Life and Business Coaching, Transformational Training as well as Quantum Healing Hypnosis. NLP and other holistic healing modalities.

Professionally, she has significant business experience and knowledge, including International Markets, working 15 years in Global companies overseas and 20 years successfully in commercial banking with Bank of America & SunTrust Bank. She has a proven track record of helping her clients to capitalize profitable business opportunities in both domestic & international markets. Sally’s management background and skill sets have been instrumental in inspiring numerous professionals to reach their full potential, leading them to achieve their goals and successful business growth

She successfully progressed through positions within business development, foreign trade, portfolio management, risk management, customer service management and diversification in financial services. SBA certified trainer for Small Business Lending; Credit analyst certified for Financial Analysis; Commercial lender; graduate of the “Certified Coaches Federation” (CCF) as a Business Coach and “International Coaching Federation” (ICF) earning several additional certifications among other achievements.

Sally currently serves as the President/ CEO of Sally V Enterprises, LLC. Company that facilitates Business Development & Leadership transformational trainings. As such, she has broadened her expertise and is inspiring entrepreneurs and business executives.

Sally is also incurred in media & worked on business radio with weekly segments: “Sally’s Biz Tips”, “Let’s Talk SBA” & “Women in Business” on WZAB 880AM The Biz and later on WBRNMiami.com.

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